Why Compare Yourself?

October 28, 2016

2 Corinthians 10:12 (NLT)

Oh, don’t worry; we wouldn’t dare say that we are as wonderful as these other men who tell you how important they are! But they are only comparing themselves with each other, using themselves as the standard of measurement. How ignorant!

We the American people live in a society where people believe that their own personal self-worth is determined by how they measure up against other people. Many of us have the tendency to constantly compare our looks, abilities, accomplishments, possessions, and wealth with others in order for us to feel good about ourselves. Since birth we have been indoctrinated and programmed to base our value on vanity rather than substance. Social networks have reinforced and ingrained this way of thinking into our minds. People’s self-worth is now built on the amount views, likes, and followers that they have on social media.

When self-esteem is built entirely on vanity the soul will feel empty, the mind will feel unsatisfied, and the heart will feel unfulfilled. This creates an inferiority complex within us that makes us feel inadequate, incompetent, and insufficient. A culture energized by social comparison produces people who look great on the outside and are severely broken on the inside. I myself even got swept up into comparing myself with other people and it led me to a dark, depressing, and miserable place in life.  I just want to encourage you all to love yourselves and stop comparing your lives to other people.

Why do we compare our lives to the lives of other people? The purpose of social comparison is to determine the value of a person. We as people naturally love to feel superior and hate to feel inferior to other people. Our flesh provokes us and wants us to be better than everyone else. Social comparison exist only to fuel our pride and ego. In 2 Corinthians 10:12 Paul basically says that comparing yourself to other people is literally stupid. He viewed it as pointless, senseless, ignorant, and foolish. In the church of Corinth there were deceitful workers and fake apostles who exalted themselves and compared themselves to one another in vain. Paul had to make it clear that he would never become like one of those false religious leaders who were consumed with their own status, power, and notoriety. Paul knew that only fools measure themselves up against one another like they are the standard of measurement. As Christians we should all be aiming to be more like Christ, not each other.

Social comparison gives birth to insecurities, ruins individuality, and kills confidence. It’s a pointless waste of time and energy. God wants us to experience His love, peace, and joy. There’s nothing wrong with getting motivation and inspiration from other people, but embrace who God designed you to be. Love yourself without validation from anyone else. Life is not a competition. If you choose to compete, compete against yourself. We should all challenge ourselves to become a better person with each day. Remember that we all are in different phases and stages in life. People who constantly compare themselves against other people will bring unnecessary and negative emotions upon themselves.

The truth is that there will always be someone who has more than you and there will always be someone who has less than you. The truth is that there will always be someone better than you in some area of life and there will always be someone worse off than you. But there will never ever be another you! If you are always focus on becoming better than someone else than you’ll never be the best that God created you to be! We all have to realize that God truly does love us unconditionally. God doesn’t base his love for us on what we accomplish, attain, and achieve. God sees the value in us regardless of our looks, money, and status. Not being rooted in Christ will cause you to doubt your purpose, calling, and identity. Trust the unique journey that God has laid out for your life. God bless!

“Comparison is the thief of joy” –Teddy Roosevelt

“The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind the scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” –Steve Furtick

“Comparing one’s life gives life to insecurities” –Trey A. Williams






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