Election 2016

November 8, 2016

This year I made up in my mind that I wasn’t going to vote….

Until my job let me off early to vote

I don’t like politics because the system is broken, corrupt, and ineffective from my perspective

I’m not a democrat or republican, I’m an independent thinker

When I vote I select politicians based on their policies, character, and heart for the people

I agree and disagree with certain views on both sides

I don’t believe in choosing between two evils, I believe in choosing good over evil

I’m all for women empowerment but Hillary Clinton is so fake, robotic, and untrustworthy

The other candidate Donald Trump….Don’t even get me started on this guy…

Donald Trump is just so disrespectful, divisive, incompetent, and childish

I briefly reviewed and read upon the libertarian and independent parties, I didn’t like either one

So this year I chose to vote for myself

Not because people told me I had to vote

Not because my ancestors died for my right to vote

To keep it 100 my ancestors died for my freedom

Freedom gives me the right to choose to vote or to choose not to vote

I’m thankful for my freedom and decided to exercise it today

I voted for myself, even though I’m not old enough, I wanted to make a statement

If I want to see change I can’t depend on the government or any politician

The change begins with me

Most people are so hype and on edge about this election for some reason

But those same people have yet to do any work in their community to make change

So the question is: What are you doing to make a difference?

I hope it’s more than voting

God bless!








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